Kaiser-Rags Money Penny RAG g 

Born May 15, 2019 Parents: HCM/ PKD negative / Money Penny was tested for FeIV and FIV on Jan. 16, 2020. Test result: Negative  

Color: Blue tortie solid, cinnamon carrier Eye color: Green 

Money Penny is the granddaughter of my treasured cats, Elsa and Wini, both of whom are now happily retired.  

This wonderful gene pool continues with Money Penny and her sister Miss Marple. Miss Marple lives with Stefan, a breeder friend of mine in Switzerland. 

I used to think Torties were more temperamental and challenging. These two beauties taught me that that is simply not true. They are clever, have big personalities and still want to cuddle and snuggle.  


Dragonpaw's Yakira RAG n 03 21 32 

Born June 16, 2019 Parents: HCM/ PKD negative. Yakira was tested for FeIV and FIV on Jan. 16, 2020. Test result: Negative. 

Color: Seal classic tabby mink bicolour. eye color: ocean blue 

Bicolour....This is a color variation that originally did not appeal to me. But through my Saphir and especially Yakira, I have come to love the bicolor variation.  

When I look into Yakira’s eyes, I am overwhelmed by her beauty. She is a gorgeous Ragdoll. Her personality is more reserved. She likes to be petted, however, she does not (yet) love to be cuddled. 

Many thanks to my dear breeder friend, Gerlind of the Dragonpaw’s in Berlin, who trusted me with this treasure. 


Kaiser-Rags Pebbles RAG h 04 32  

Born April 4, 2020 HCM / PKD test result negative 

Color: Chocolate mink tortie mitted 

We hope that next year Pebbles will follow in the footsteps of her wonderful mother, Jenna.   

Her character is similar to Jenna’s. She is also very gentle and sweet, which is why we chose her as Jenna’s successor. 


Our Queen of the Queens (spayed)

Dragonpaw's Mulan RAG p 32 spayed 

Born June 17, 2017, HCM/PKD/FeLV/FIV test result negative, Blood type: A 

Color: Fawn mink,  Eye color: Aquamarine 

Mulan is indescribable and definitely the boss of the group.  

Whether children, dogs, or other cats… she is a mother to all of them. 

She is a rather petite Ragdoll, but she has the heart of a lion. 

Mulan’s last pregnancy in May 2020 ended in a cesarean section.

Because a further pregnancy would have been a risk to her health, Mulan was spayed immediately.