V Litter, born Sept. 5, 2020

Kaiser-Rags Nikita, fawn tabby solid mitted,

together with Kaiser-Rags Orpheus, chocolate solid mitted, 

are the parents of: 


Vanilla Sky,              cinnamon solid bicolor (f) available

Venice Dream,          chocolate solid mitted with blaze (f) available

Vincenzo Valentino  mink bicolor  We will have to wait to determine his coloring (m) available

W Litter, born Oct. 5, .2020 

vom Katzenbusch Princess Unicorn, cinnamon torbie solid mitted

Kaiser-Rags Orpheus, chocolate solid mitted, cinnamon and dilution carrier


red solid bicolor (m) available    

mink Farbe noch nicht erkennbar (m) available

lilac oder fawn tortie bicolor (w) under consideration

cinnamon solid (m) under consideration

mink Farbe noch nicht erkennbar (w) available

chocolate solid mitted (m) reserved

red solid mitted (m) reserved

what means what:

available = this kitten is still available

inquired about = someone has inquired about this kitten and is still deciding 

reserved = until the first payment has been made, this kitten is reserved for up to 5 days

no longer available = this kitten has been chosen, the first payment has been made, and the kitten is no longer available

under consideration = we are considering keeping this kitten for our cattery


If you are interested in one of our beautiful Ragdoll kittens, please do not hesitate to call me, send a WhatsApp message, or an email: 

Cell phone: +49 176 20186624,       E-Mail: ragdolls@kaiser-rags.de