Even as a little girl, I loved animals and considered becoming a veterinarian.

Cats and dogs continued to enrich my life journey into adulthood and after starting my own family. I am excited that you share my love of these wonderful creatures and hope you enjoy looking through the pages of Kaiser Rags

Anna Kaiser

Welcome to Kaiser Rags!

Why Ragdolls? Because it's impossible to resist their charm


My love of cats began over 40 years ago thanks to a black and white house cat. Later, our first purebred cat, a colorful Somali, joined us.

Then I discovered the Maine Coon

My first Maine Coon, Kimberly, had a litter of purebred kittens around 23 years ago. We kept two kittens from her litter. One of them passed away at the age of four from FIP. The other died of cancer at the age of 15. Kimberly died at the age of 16 and I thought I could not love and lose any more cats. 

Our plan was to get another German shepherd. Plans change, however, and I soon realized that life without a cat’s velvet paws wasn’t the same.

Because Ragdolls are supposedly the cats that are most like dogs, I liked them immediately and went on a search for two of these special cats in 2014.  

In August 2014, our first Ragdolls, Leila and Leo, joined our family along with two German shepherds, Donna and Enzo. 

Originally, I only wanted to breed one litter of Ragdoll kittens. But the kittens brought me so much joy that breeding Ragdolls has become my hobby and I have a small cattery.   

Our Kaiser Rags are purebred Ragdolls with official papers to certify their pedigree. 

Our breeding cats are all tested for HCM and PKD, as well as FeLV and FIV. 

We are members of Cats Unlimited e. V., which is the first German cat breeder’s association and has been affiliated with The International Cat Association (TICA) since 1994.

We breed our Ragdolls in all possible color variations including: seal, (black), blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, cinnamon, and fawn in point, mink, and solid. We specialize in solids, minks, and sepias. 

Our kittens are completely integrated into our family and are raised with lots of love and attention.   

Our kittens meet children, dogs, everyday noises and are socialized as much as possible.

It is definitely true that Ragdolls are the most dog-like of cats! 

Our hobby cattery is verified under the § 11 Animal Protection Law with a certificate of competence. 

I successfully completed the G1 course in 2017, the G2 course in 2018 and the G3 course in 2020 at the Paw Academy. These courses offer extensive knowledge on cats, cat breeding, genetics, illness, etc.  


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